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Suzanne Aldana


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I founded Smart Studio with two aims:  

#1 Help YOU get focused 

#2 Create high-impact learning solutions for schools in areas like innovative problem-solving and unconventional leadership to fill a critical skill gap in education


As proclaimed by Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Dan Goleman and so many others , Focus is the most critical skill for success. 



Focus = 🚀 (power)

Focus = 💪 (motivation)

Focus = 🧘🏻‍♀️ (clarity)

Focus = 🏆 (achievement)

Focus = 💰 (wealth)

Unshakable focus and a love of learning empowered me to recover from foolish mistakes and accomplish my toughest goals. I'm willing to share it all with you because Better Humans = Better World for ALL. 

A few things I've done...

  • First academic dean for the highly successful American Academy in Prague

  • Grant-funded, award-winning scientist with global pharma experience

  • Instructor, mentor, global program director (K - Higher Ed)

  • Explored > 30 countries 

Consulting Scientists

Fred Diedrich, P.h.D., M.S., B.S.

(Cognitive Scientist)

 Consultant focused on improving human performance for a range of government and industry clients. Current work focuses on instructional design and assessment development to facilitate learner feedback and guide evaluation of operator performance.

Additional experience includes operational and tactical business areas, working with advanced staff from a range of disciplines including software engineering, security studies, geography, and mathematics.


Expertise include, but not limited to business development, strategic planning, project management, budget development, and staff development.


Susan Buriak, DH.Ed, M.P.H., M.S., B.S.

(Instructional Design)

Thought leader with a broad base of experience through multiple engagements centered on program and project leadership, instructional design, distance education, eLearning, curriculum development, emerging educational technology, federal procurement, Quality Management (ISO) and educational program evaluation.

Strengths include identification of opportunities to capitalize on shared efficiencies and leverage human capital and data for creative educational interventions (live, hybrid, distance) and driving educational initiatives from design to delivery on schedule, within budget while using best practices for learning and assessment.

Certified: PMP, INCOSE - CSEP